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Polarbase July 2016
The main hub for
oil-and gas-related activities in the Barents Sea is located in Hammerfest municipality in Rypefjord, 5 km from Hammerfest centre

The Polarbase area is a powerhouse in Finnmark with varied industry and other mercantile companies.
The supply business for the oil and gas industry plus service companies for other businesses are localized here.
A small part of the area is reserved for the fishing industry, cold storage, fish-processing plants, etc.

Key information regarding the access and storage are as follows:

     Certified ISPS port / NOG 091 approved area
     Outdoor area 520,000 m2
     Indoor area 38,000 m2
     Jetty 1: 295 m, 10 m draught
     Jetty 2: 90 m,    12 m draught
     Jetty 3: 80 m,    13 m draught
     Jetty 4: 70 m ,   20 m draught

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